How do I help?
Because every touch point you have with your customers - whether it's how you answer the phone or respond to someone on social media, your logo, or the things that it goes on - communicates to them who you are and what you value, I am passionate about helping you identify and further develop your story.
Story is a big part of what I do. Having been with a non-profit organization for over a decade, I've been part of crafting their visual identity, including website redesigns, rebranding, designing compelling print materials, executing marketing strategies, and developing their social media voice. 
In the end, though, story is about relationships. Knowing who you are and who you serve is key, so I will work closely with you to understand and further develop your brand, create a dynamic visual identity and compelling brand strategy so that you will be able to faithfully communicate your brand promise across all platforms.
Brand - Isn't that just a buzz word?
You have a brand. You may be thinking about your logo, your colors, or what fonts you use, and while those are a part of your brand, it's so much more than that. Your brand is the source of your promise to the people who interact with you. It's also not what you do, but how those people feel about you. What do they say? Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon says it so well, "A brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room." 
Your mission identifies why you exist. Your brand embodies your personality, identity, and voice. These things are important because they are how and why people will connect with you.  
A successful brand develops relational trust over time that results in deep loyalty. That requires consistency, understanding, and faithfulness. Creating a compelling and clear brand identity provides the foundation and framework for faithfully telling your story, inviting others into it, but more importantly being invited into theirs.

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